CoachingFootball DiscussionWhat Kind of Coach Are You?

February 1, 2016


Show the kids your passion, through your planning

Before I had any children, I made the decision that I was not going to be a do as I say kind of father, rather a do as I do dad. I was quite conscious of the fact that my passion for football could drive me to live through my child and that this would be more harming than good. It was at that moment that I began playing again after more than 8 years on the sidelines, I then fell in love with coaching and dedicated time and money to become invested in my passion. Now, my son is not a one eyed football lover, he is actually quite intellectual, creative and artsy. He does however possess a left foot, which he has not inherited from me or my wife. We all know how valuable left footed players are and how brilliant they can be in football. I will have to wait and see if he will become that player, but I won’t be enforcing my wants on him.

I ask what kind of coach you are because I have come to realise that coaching, teaching, being an educator, is mostly about what you are than what and who you know. A while ago I found myself coming home from my private coaching sessions, deflated and not content, why? I realised that I was not putting in much thought to my sessions, I was just throwing a plan together hurriedly. This happened only twice, before I told my wife when she asked what was wrong, that I was disappointed in the sessions and that I was not making the effort I know the kids deserved. From that day on I have not once under prepared, I have not allowed a busy week at work, sickness or any excuse, compromise the one thing that drives everything I love, coaching football.

So what is more important than knowledge? Expression, passion, how you project and the enthusiasm you conduct yourself with. When you are prepared, when you have taken time, given thought and worked tirelessly, players feel your session. Kids understand believability and emotion more than words and knowledge. I believe that if I succeed as a coach , then they will see how they can succeed as a player, and learning how to succeed will provide me with the information to share about success.



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