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We strive to develop the complete footballer, mentally, socially and technically


We focus solely on the individual and their development as a footballer and as a person.

We believe a complete footballer is socially competent, well disciplined and respectful, that they are an overall good person as well as a skilful player. Confidence, positivity, belief and drive create posture, which in turn reflects the way you play, therefore we add importance to the mental aspect of a player’s development.

We are not only a football school but also a school of life, we take you to the next level in every aspect. We provide the perfect environment for learning to each individual player through our coaching and culture and we help develop strong-minded individuals with a positive outlook on life.

Our main football focus is on developing a player’s technical skills and game intelligence. We believe that a technical player is someone that is an intelligent decision maker, encompassing awareness and execution to deliver appropriately.

Players are educated in the high percentile of learning due to the small group sessions, it is well documented that players achieve maximum learning in the 4v4 setting and these numbers correctly replicate any given moment in any game. Not only does this guarantee maximum touches on the ball, but also means that players are always involved in every single moment of all games, on and off the ball. The small group model also assures closer attention from the coach and allows for more attention to detail in the player’s learning.

We provide an organic learning environment for our children, and an education that is age specific. We also work with the players at their respective levels.

The advanced players receive the highest level of coaching from our qualified coaches. Discipline, respect and politeness are enforced with the older players and the small group model creates a strongly focused environment.

Our goal is to develop better footballers in this country not better teams, “Shaping better players for the future”. Results aren’t our aim, individual improvement is.



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Justfootball Academy is one of Sydney's leading youth soccer training schools offering quality football training programs to develop technical skills to all children of all levels. We believe that all children should have an opportunity to fulfil their full potential, and that players develop best through play. We design the problems and the players solve them, using their own unique expressive behaviours.

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