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Our Football Training Programs

Development Programs

  • Players between the ages of 4-8 years, 9-12 years and 13-16 years
  • Players of any level and any gender
  • Emphasis on nurturing a love of football and a focus on improvement
  • Encompasses technical, social and leadership skills
  • Development through hidden learning in a fun environment for the 4-8 year olds.
  • Development of fundamental skills and game sense for the 9-12 and 13-16 year olds

Advanced Program

  • Players between the ages of 9-12 years, and 11-17 years
  • Generally SAP/NPL representative players, and exceptional division 1 level community players
  • Any gender
  • Focus on development of game intelligence and technical skills in the context of the game
  • Attentive approach to 1v1 development
  • Learning of fast paced transitional football

Advanced Select Training Program

  • Players between the ages of 11-17 years
  • Advanced group program plus more
  • High level player program by invitation only
  • Mentoring
  • Elevation level for skilled players of the Advanced group
  • Transference of individual to team environment, growing game complexity
  • Main focus is still individual progress


You've got questions, we've got answers.
Is the academy suitable for my child if they are only a beginner?

justfootball academy welcomes anyone interested in developing their football skills. We are experienced in integrating groups with varying levels of ability so that all players are challenged and gain benefits. We also have multiple groups with varying levels so that players can find a place that fits.

How long are the training sessions?

All groups train for an hour and a half.

Can I choose to train more than once a week?

Yes of course, we would suggest the ‘ACCELERATE’ subscription for training more than once per week. Please also enquire about our ‘ACCELERATE LOYALTY OFFER’ that is not sold online.

What does my child need to bring to training?

They must have football boots, shin pads and the justfootball academy uniform. We advise they bring a bottle of water and if it’s raining, that they have a towel and change of clothing for afterwards. All players must always be in complete uniform, which consists of the academy jersey, shorts and white socks.

Will there be training during school holidays?

Yes, we will continue to train during school holidays, apart from three weeks at the end of the year over the Christmas break and Easter weekend. Of course you have the flexibility to choose whether you would like to attend in the holidays or not. We also always run a school holiday program that is lots of fun and very popular.

Do justfootball academy have a football team that competes in the local competition?

No, justfootball academy focuses on player development and it is our goal to uphold the quality of individual training in a small group environment. We do have a partnership with the Ryde Panthers and Ryde Saints, offering support in coaching, and providing a training program for their graded teams.

Why do you train in small groups of 2-8 players?

We believe that the small groups means a more focused and attentive group, it also allows for a more attentive coaching experience. The group is also big enough to allow for players to learn to perceive and make decisions in game related exercises, not to mention that the players receive maximum ball contact.

Do we lose credits for any cancelled training sessions?

If a training session is cancelled for any reason such as bad weather and you were booked into that session, your account will be credited back. You only pay for the sessions you attend. However, any late cancellation that occurs inside 3 hours prior to start time, will be lost. We expect notification of any late cancellation, consideration will be taken into account if there is good reason.

How do the subscriptions work?

Both the ‘LAUNCH’ and ‘ACCELERATE’ subscriptions work on a monthly cycle with auto-renewed payments. The subscription will renew after the last session is used or the month expires, whatever comes first. Any missed session must be made up within the cycle period on an alternate training night.


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Justfootball Academy is one of Sydney's leading youth soccer training schools offering quality football training programs to develop technical skills to all children of all levels. We believe that all children should have an opportunity to fulfil their full potential, and that players develop best through play. We design the problems and the players solve them, using their own unique expressive behaviours.

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