justfootball NewsSpring Soccer Camp 2017

November 24, 2017

Do you feel that all school holiday camps are much the same? Well it was our main objective to make sure that the justfootball experience was just as unique for our school holiday programs as it is with everything else we do. We wanted to engrain our philosophy, culture and beliefs into the program, and keep it light and fun at the same time.

So how did we do that? Well we stayed true to our beliefs, made fun a priority, and education will always represent what we are about, that being football and life combined.

The Camp Format

Four, three hour sessions: More than enough time to provide a jam-packed session of learning. The day was split in two, with a twenty-minute afternoon tea break, that consisted of social games for the kids.
Four, themed days: Each day was focused on a specific area that is a part of our training programs and development beliefs.

Tournament Day: We concluded the camp with a day of competitions.

Coaching and Fun Learning

Coach to player ratio: As with our training programs, we have a one to eight, coach to player ratio. We believe that this is a perfect number to work with, as it provides the right balance between technical mastership, and game awareness.
Coaching Efficiencies: Our environment provides maximum development opportunities, and through professional, experienced coaching, and coaching effectiveness, we provide the best education for our players. Our school holiday program is no different, and because of the hard work, on and off the field by our coaching staff, these methods allow our players to learn whilst experiencing joy and delight, playing our great game of football.


Social & Discipline

Professionalism and Organisation: We feel it is important for the children to understand the importance of order, behavior and intent. What we teach the children, must be illustrated by us all. Uniformity, punctuality, and organisation, is reflected in everything we do. From parent boundaries, Coach uniforms, time keeping and preparation. We must demonstrate, and lead by example, if we wish to educate these kids in respect and credibility.

Player Character: Players were awarded age respective medals for first and second place. The points were subjectively and objectively collated by each and every coach present, and calculated over the four days. These points were attained in two ways, technical or competition points, and personality points. The personality points were awarded for kindness, consideration for others, helping others, team work, and many other social skills. At justfootball academy, we believe it is important to be more than just a good footballer, because it takes a person with mental toughness and social competency, to succeed.



Competition is important in a child’s development, all children are naturally competitive. We will all win and lose through life, how we deal with those lessons is most important. We ran a mini-games tournament in mixed age groups, had fun coach inclusive games, and other fun challenges etc. Points were accumulated for all these, and players got to push their boundaries to drive their learning.

Soccer camp certificates


The camp was a success, time flew, which is always a good indicator. And the kids had a great time, smiles were a plenty, and football was impressive. We had a fantastic group of youth players, dynamic bunch of mini’s and our juniors were a joy to coach.

We were very fortunate to have our founder, Fabian Erny, present at our first official school holiday camp. Players and in particularly myself and the coaching staff, were grateful to receive great feedback from our very experienced founder. He helped us make the camp a very good experience for all involved, and we look forward to his return in the near future.


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