Program Overview

With the Advanced group, we focus intently on a player’s technical skills. This is the key period of a player’s development of motor skills and we believe our methods are superior for this age group. We like to concentrate on the fundamental skills and the technical attributes that are used in every instance of a game.

Training runs for an hour and a half and consists of a compulsory 1v1 component, a technical skills analytic, and small sided games with constraints. Player’s will be exposed to some coordination, strength and agility work, tested cognitively and challenged with specific game related exercises.

At justfootball academy, a player in the Advanced group will learn to master the ball with all parts of the foot, left and right foot and learn control with all parts of the body, a ball along the ground and also out of the air.

Our key focus is entirely on the individual and we look at preparing our sessions to coach our players to manage situations where they have to deal with opponents from all three directions.