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The main focus of the Development group is that we provide a football education in a fun and interactive way.

Development 5-8:

During these ages there is big consideration to the development of gross motor skills, and a child’s mental stage of learning. We really try to think outside the box for the little ones, helping them develop the fundamental skills with little intervention. We provide the kids with an hour and a half of training per session and maximum learning through thorough planning. Our main goal is to develop their relationship with the ball and dribbling ability. At Justfootball Academy we feel that the development group has a better development start because of our model structure. Our small groups that are no bigger than eight allows our qualified coaches to provide a closer, more personalised tutoring, clearly more touches of the ball and more opportunity to learn how to use space. We have discovered that our players generally, develop quite quickly in their first phase of learning.

Development 9-16:

The older children also experience a fun learning context that is more suited to their age. They are ready for a more structured session design however with less complexity.

Each session comprises of:

  • a compulsory 1v1 component
  • a technical skill game
  • and many small sided-games.


Just Football Academy: Soccer Training Programs & Session in Sydney

Justfootball Academy is one of Sydney's leading youth soccer training schools offering quality football training programs to develop technical skills to all children of all levels. We believe that all children should have an opportunity to fulfil their full potential, and that players develop best through play. We design the problems and the players solve them, using their own unique expressive behaviours.

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