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We believe in integrating the girls with the boys and assimilating all the children by level of competency.

Our Culture:

At Justfootball Academy we have the perfect environment for all children. Our female participation is very high as a result of the great coaching staff and the philosophy of our training. The girls can be assured that they will be comfortable and safe within their groups.

Our Training:

The training model is designed to be enjoyable and so that all learning happens in context.

Football the number one participated sport in Australia:

With the popularity of the sport in Australia at a high, more and more girls are joining programs such as Justfootball Academy. We have been fortunate enough to have many girls come through our programs and some have and still are reaching great heights in the representative environments.


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Just Football Academy: Soccer Training Programs & Session in Sydney

Justfootball Academy is one of Sydney's leading youth soccer training schools offering quality football training programs to develop technical skills to all children of all levels. We believe that all children should have an opportunity to fulfil their full potential, and that players develop best through play. We design the problems and the players solve them, using their own unique expressive behaviours.

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