Program Overview

The Advanced Youth group is for all players over 11 years of age that are looking for that extra training that will either give them that edge or help required to reach their desired level. We have players from all levels participating, from representative players looking to go to that next level, and those wanting to break into representative football. The group is open for players of either gender, we actually encourage female participation through all our academy levels.

With the players now in a new phase of growth and mental development, we provide a slightly modified model to our training. The program consists of a strength and conditioning component, technical skills analytic and tactical game. At justfootball academy we believe in continual development of ones technical attributes and therefore reserve time for this, either through the technical skills analytic or passing analytic. Our focus is on developing a player’s spatial awareness, space management, intelligent movement, technique and decision-making.

At justfootball academy we have qualified Strength & Conditioning coaches to help manage a players functional movements and development of football specific conditioning. The main purpose of this is for injury prevention, although we know that a player’s movement quality will then contribute to their technical abilities and athleticism.

“Incorporation of sport science within justfootball academy sessions will play a huge role in improving athleticism, movement quality & injury prevention, traits of a complete player. This will result in faster, agile & more powerful players who are efficient at what they do & more resistant to injury.” Milad Popalzay – Head of Sports Science, justfootball academy