Flexibility to use your sessions when you please

We run all year ‘round excluding three weeks over the Christmas period. Players can join anytime, attend when they want and as often as they like. Sessions are scheduled in for all the different groups and players book their desired times on-line. They can choose to train once a week or more if they like, depending on session availability. Please note that there is an added cost for the compulsory justfootball academy uniform for all players.


  • Buy one session at a time
  • You can attend when you please
  • Being registered does not mean you have to buy more than one session at a time
  • You are paying maximum dollar for a small group session, each time


  • Little commitment, trial us for a term
  • Only $40 per session
  • Auto-renewal on expiry
  • You can opt-out or change plans prior to renewal
  • 6 month expiry date
  • Great overall value
  • You may still attend at your leisure
  • No session loss for missing training due to weather, injury or any other reason
  • 30% discount for siblings


  • Best value and most recommended package
  • Only $30 per session
  • Pay monthly with auto-renewal at the end
  • You can opt-out or change plans prior to renewal
  • 12 month expiry date, we believe that training at least once a week is important
  • No session loss for missing training due to weather, injury or any other reason
  • You may attend as often as you wish
  • 30% discount for siblings



trial session

  • Try before you buy
  • Experience the culture
  • Meet the team



per session

  • Pay per session
  • No lock-in commitment
  • Pay as you go



10 sessions

  • Half year plan
  • Miss a week? No worries
  • Use when you wish

Common FAQ's

1What am I paying for when I purchase a package?
You are buying sessions, which can be used whenever you choose by booking online before training. It works much like credits, an Opal card or E-Tag does.
2Can I cancel a booking?
Yes, simply unselect your booked session. Please give us at least one-day notice; if something comes up last minute we expect a phone call or text message, cancellation window expires 1 hour before commencement of training.
3How do I pay?
All payments can be made online through our booking system. Simply follow the prompts when setting up your own account with justfootball academy. You will be able to set up a username and password for the account where all billing information can be set up.
4How do I use the online booking system?
It is very user friendly, bookings can be made online or via the App which can be downloaded from our website at the bottom of the page. Please visit the help page for more information by clicking here.